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Theme – Nautical and Botanical

Published: August 23, 2020
Author: pprvallv


Printed textile fabrics are an important part of our lives, and are widely used to decorate our apparel and home. The technique of printmaking has endless capacity in adorning clothes, furnishing fabrics, wallpapers etc. Mankind is implementing various printing methods to decorate textile surfaces.

Colour is applied to different kinds of textiles using various techniques such as screen printing, block printing, roller printing and digital printing in clear shapes and designs. There are several types of textile prints that are distinguished by their roots, cultural influences and use of colours. Every area across the world has its own distinctive print styles.

A graphic textile design sometimes starts with a painting or a pencil sketch. The design is also derived by a theme. There are lots of categories of textiles prints. Such divisions are based on the unique look that each print produces on historical and cultural influences and on patterns that derive from trends in fashion. The trends for these designs are developed from many sources. No matter the inspiration of the artist is a social trend, art movement or a natural environment, the design world is continually evolving and reacting to external influences.

Designing trend in style, colours, themes, techniques change constantly. Each designer makes use of their own interpretation of the reference content. Such individual ideas to produce innovative designs distinguish each designer from the others.

This week’s theme consisted of Nautical and Botanical Prints.


Nautical prints originated in the 19th century but became prominent in the 20th century , particularly with the rise of resort- clothes and sportswear. The anchors, ropes, captain’s wheel, ships, sails, sea gulls, boards, shells, compasses, floats, light houses, SOS vessels, life boats, etc. are used in nautical designs. Typical for Nautical prints are colors of blue, gray, red and white. Brands like Nautica and The Nautical Company sell products only inspired by nautical designs.


Botanical prints are very natural, well-drawn drawings using botanical motifs like those used on trees , flowers, and herbs in illustrated books. With this style of design, which is detailed with a fine pen line and often includes lettering, including the botanical plants, drawing technique is very important. This also displays the cross-section or bi-section of the species. However some prints have one or two plant varieties. Color variations vary from pastel and vibrant in botanicals. Generally the large designs are meant for home furnishing, but they may be configured for clothing as well. These are also used by designers like Matthew Williamson and Alexander McQueen in their collections.

Designing trend in style, colours, themes, techniques change constantly. Each designer makes use of their own interpretation of the reference content. Such individual ideas to produce innovative designs distinguish each designer from the others. Sometimes other elements or themes are mixed and matched to come up with a unique concept. Colors, style, art, technique, are manipulated by the designers to create distinctive prints. Let’s go through some of the concepts and prints ideated related to nautical and botanical prints.

1. Summer Nautical

Summer Nautical is a collection of bed linen that offers a cheerful and vibrant mood. By harmonizing with the vivid and warm light of home settings, the collection comforts the client.  It achieves an overall bay look without losing dialog with the rest of the components, the tones of blue, white and beige.

2. Natatorial Routes










These prints are made keeping in mind the modern beach house vacations. It gives a path to get lost in the waves and to explore the wonders which are submerged in the water. Creating the theme of sailing along the crystal-blue and brine seas, searching for sunshine and charm. Designed especially for urbane men.

3. The Violet Grace


Monochrome is a phenomenon constantly followed in the modern world , especially in print and web design , photography, and media production. Regardless of the hues within the system, the design is often used to encourage clients to reflect on the content, and educate. For both company and visual parts it is saddled, and it serves to hold up balance and cohesion.

This style has been created for those customers who enjoy a maximalist look that often gives a clean look because of the delicate color used in it. These botanical prints of lush and imperial purple colors add a contrast to the home.


4. Serene



Nautical fashion is the type of look that is rarely out of date. Ideal for a seafront house, the colors that characterize as aesthetic are inspired from the coast — the ocean, the beach, the sky and all that come with living on or below the seas.

Serene is a series of home print designs which integrates elements such as boats, ropes, decorative elements, aquatic flora and textures in the design to create a set of nautical prints.


5. The Under-water Quest



When on a quest to find the secrets of the sea, meet some friends who change your life. How will it go, if Mowgli ends up caught up in the ocean instead of the jungle.

Kids are rarely encouraged to go outdoors in a situation like this, and video games can be counted as one of the most daunting diversion for recreation, amusement, and interactive adventure. This concept is a inspired compilation of an imaginative environment that governs the relation between the physical world and the virtual world.

6. Neo Glow

Influenced by the beach’s bioluminescence, late at night and the shiny, sparkling marine species that live in pitch darkness. A sight almost unreal and otherworldly to see.
An eccentric vision of neon figures offering a new look to the traditional nautical themes of red , white, blue-tints and shades. This collection of prints is for the ones who are unafraid to put on a bold statement.


It is evident how the employment of colors, motifs, style and rendering can bring variety of prints using one simple theme. Designer’s analysis and conceptualization plays a great role in deciding how a print collection is going to look. Prints are also decided keeping the collection in mind i.e. home or apparel. Prints used in Apparel may not look good in home and vice versa. Some prints may look good in clothing and Bed sheets both. It is the interpretation of the designer and their skill that makes a print collection successful.


Article By- Nabarupa Bose

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