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Published: December 5, 2020
Author: Priyanka Prusty


Smart textile’s  materials and structures that sense and react to environmental conditions or stimuli, such as those from mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical, magnetic or other sources. Textile science today stands on a novel, unexplored and a fantasy filled horizon . Smart textiles are the most exciting innovation in the field of textiles and clothing. Smart textiles can sense and analize the signals and response in an intelligent way and the response can be electrical, thermal, mechanical, chemical, magnetic or from other source..


Protective clothing is clothing designed to protect either the wearer’s body or other items of clothing from hazards such as heat, chemicals and infection. Protective clothing extends to body armor such as bullet proof vests , historical armor and futuristric powered armor along with normal clothing . But in UK legislation the term PPE does not cover not cover such items as armor.

Fibres Mostly used in Protective clothing Manufacturing

Meta – aramid: Nomex ( DuPont), TeijinConex HT (Teijin)

Para – Aramid: Kevlar ( DuPont), Twaron (Acordis) ,( Teijin)

PTFE (Fluorocarbon fibers ): Teflon (DuPont), Toyoflon (Toray)

PPS (Phenylene): Ryton ( Amoco/ Successor ), Procon (Toyobo) , Toray PPS (Toray)

Melamine : Basofil (BASF)

PBO( Polybenzimidazole) : Zylon (Toyobo)

PBI ( Polybenzimidazole): PBI (Celanese )

Polyimide ( PI) : P-84 (Inspec)

Carbon Precursor: Lastan (Asahi)

Carbon fibers : PAN

( polyacrylonitrile ) and Pitch based

High Density Polyethylene – HDPE: Spectra (Honeywell), Dyneema (Dyneema)

Protection against Extreme cold wet weather

Mostly garments that can manage moisture , control heat transfer and protect from the weather must work together . wearing the proper clothing system will ensure the optical combination of comfort and protection.

Base layer –  this layer is made of non – absorbent fibers ‘wick’ liquid away from the skin.

Insulating layer – This layer keeps warn the body . Synthetic insulators work better than natural fibers and retain some of their insulating ability ever when wet.Weather protection layer – This layer protects against the elements while keeping the insulating layers dry. It must be breathable to keep moisture from accumulating in the other layers .


Gore-tex active fabric combines a lighter , and the thinner Gore Tex membrane with fine denier performance textiles to deliver the ultimate lightweight three layer solution . On the liner side , a proprietary lamination technology integrates the backing textile directly into the Gore- tex membrane allowing for extreme breath breathability and excellent next to skin comfort.

Polartec Fleece jacket

Polartec fleece  (PET) has a lofted fiber structure that convective thermal air pockets to prevent convective heat loss and regulate core warmth. This highest warmth per weight ratio for insulating materials while remaining highly weather resistant, durable and soft to the touch. A soft double sided face gives fleece the versatility to integrate with layered systems , whether worn directly against the skin or on top of other fabrics . The hydrophobic properties further enhance the inherent ability to repel water , resist saturation and dry quickly.

Pertex fabrics

Pertex developed new Pertex shield AP  and a lighter weight version of Pertex shield , in response for the growing demand for extremely – light weight , weatherproof outerwear. Y shaped filaments inside the yarn , which lock together to provide a more stable construction. 100 DWR has been developed to provide excellent water shedding though extended wash and wear. Pertex fabrics with CS 10 technology use yarns with unique diamond shaped filaments , which lock together to provide a very stable construction . these tightly interlocking filaments give the fabric superb abrasion resistance along with improved water beading properties .

Protection against ballistic

TenCate advanced Armor North America announces a new line of personal protection products offering higher levels of life saving capabilities .

TenCate Pro- Tector  1000 is a woven aramid laminate multi- thread material.

TenCate Aramid -Shield 1000 is a uni-directional aramid ballistic material.

Dupont  Kevlar fiber for military soft body armor

 Kevlar technology in military grade protection has multiple uses-

  • Improved Outer Tactical Vest
  • Improved Modular Tactical Vest
  • Throat Auxiliary Protection System

Kevlar XP for Hard Armor Helmet helps provides

  • Minimal back face deformation
  • Fewer layers and can reduce stitching requirements
  • 20% decrease in helmet weight.

Ski racing Helmet

Giro Sports Design the leader in the manufacture of protective headwear, has announced the advance  MIPS . Innovative ski racing helmet that uses Textreme to create a lighter , stiffer , and stronger shell. Textreme is a unique carbon fibre material that differs from conventional carbon fibre materials just because its production methods.

Protective clothing against radiation

This areas involves protection from radioactive particulate matter or fall- out protection. Most garments used are impermeable to particulates to prevent ingestion and skin contact penetration and permeation protection is offered by special co- polymer coatings or laminates with board spectrum chemical resistance . The base fabric acts as carrier or a strength member to provides durability consistent with the use and the coating.

Poland’s Textile Research Institute (TRI) has developed new textiles enabled with anti – UV and anti – electromagnetic capacities . Protective clothing developed with the use of these textiles will be supplied to law enforcement officers, healthcare workers , farmers and other professions, but they will also be used in the manufacturing of curtains and other products. The bases of research and development activities , the TRI is currently pursuing projects which aim to introduce its products to both domestic and foreign markets.


smart protective clothing textile are the most exciting innovation in the field of textile. The advent of smart textiles makes it possible to being the traditional textile sector to a level of high technological industry .



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