The world is dealing with the most dangerous pandemic ever and on the other hand, the Earth is reviving like a reboot button has been pushed. The need to stay home and managing in what each one of us has is the need of the hour. The situation of slow life takes us back to the era when things were simpler, slower, and cherished. People were more inclined towards a sustainable lifestyle earlier than what we are today. Nowadays, cheaper machine-made fast fashion products are easily available just a click away. As per the Fashion Revolution White Paper 2020, the global fashion industry relies upon the exploitation of natural resources & people working across its supply chain. The prevailing business model thrives on producing exponentially more clothes than people need. It is estimated that 60% of garments are now made from polyester. This quantity has doubled since the year 2000. It is also estimated that 150 million trees are logged every year to be turned into cellulose textiles, like viscose. The chemical dyes used in the production process pollute our rivers and environment. However, there is a silver lining. 

There are few brands in the Industry who are striving hard to maintain the sustainability quotient and make it more affordable and approachable. Sundarii Handmade is one such sustainable and ethical women apparel brand. Their journey began two and half year ago with a mission to revive, uplift, protect the artisan, weavers and environment at large. As they wanted to make a positive impact each day with their 100% sustainable clothing, emerged as one of the Ajrakh specialist, committed to keep the authenticity of the artistic process intact which makes them stand out from the crowd. And by authenticity of the craft we mean from natural dyes, natural fabric and printing process all are slow and authentic to the craft. Some natural dyes take about one month to get ready. Sustainability is not a buzzword for Sundarii Handmade as they are a zero waste brand working with artisans, weavers, tribal and underprivileged women, and marginalised groups to launch best products in the market. Avni Aggarwal, the founder of Sundarii handmade is a social worker by profession, who always aspired to make a positive impact in the life of the people. Avni has travelled extensively to the innermost part of the rural areas of India to gain first-hand knowledge of various craft techniques and to understand the condition of our skilled artisans and weavers who are striving hard to survive in this machine influenced industry. Sundarii handmade decided to go against the wind with slow fashion in the fast fashion industry .

 Avni is striving hard to educate and bring awareness about sustainability and its benefit; and  the various craft techniques of India so that the customer is empowered. The brand has a lot to offer ranging from beautiful Ajrakh ,Dabu and Ikat and Banarasi  sarees to quirky handcrafted blouses, tops, dresses and stoles. They are shipping across the globe and boast of their clientele in 15+ countries. You can purchase their handcrafted products on Instagram, Facebook and Etsy.