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Full Circle Textile Project: Cellulose recycling at a scale

Published: September 12, 2020
Author: santosh17dec

One of the major problems in cellulose recycling is 73% of clothing produced is practically waste. Even as little as 1% of the waste is recycled. The Full Circle Textile Project aims to validate a scale recycling technique that is economically viable cellulose chemical recycling technique to produce new man-made cellulosic fibres from cotton and cotton-blend wastes.

The regenerated cellulosic materials like Viscose, Lyocell, Modal and Cupro is the most used regenerated fibres and in recent years the utility has also enhanced further. Hence the collaborative effort was taken be Laudes Foundation, Birla Cellulose, Kering, PVH Corp., Terget along with Fashion for Good to tackle the problem.

After the validation of the technology from companies like Evrnu, Infinited Fibre Company, Phoenxt, Renewable and Tycoon Bioscience, the technology is expected to be used in Birla’s cellulose’s pilot plant from where it will be circulated to other partners.

Recycling is a key step to achieve circularity. From the initiative taken by the top companies it can be a major breakthrough in the field of textiles

By Sayak Nandi

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