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Published: February 2, 2022
Author: muskaanvalecha
Digital Printing is the upcoming and most popular way of getting the fabrics printed in the colours and prints that you wish to. All the Fashion Designing companies can experiment and explore in the digital printing sector as it’s a very growing sector and the machines of digital Printing have been made in new ways. Digitalisation while printing is much better than the traditional way of printing because it is fast paced and a commodity in high demand. You can customise your prints and the colours in those prints which are much better than the traditional ones.
The Plus Points of Digital Printing:
* Quality of the Prints is Superior
Printing on the fabric of a very superior quality. We will be having unlimited colour and design options which is a very wonderful thing about it. The end product will be more than your expectations compared to traditional printing methods. Moreover, now fashion designers have taken over the Digital Printing sector.
* Design Limitlessly
There are no limits in the designs you wish to create. You can find a picture online from any website and get it printed on the fabric digitally right there. The designs can be customised and you can choose and wear the fabrics you wish to. If you wish to design anything on your computer you can get it printed on a fabric. Even aerial photographs captured from my camera can be printed on any type of fabric.
* Virtual prints on any kinds of fabrics
The fashion designers ensure that whichever prints you want they’ll make it for you. Epson is a fashion brand which has a Digital Fabric Printing solution for virtually any fabric type. From polyesters and blends to natural fibres such as silks, cotton, linen, wool, and rayon. Regardless of the fabric type you’re looking to produce, Epson has a Digital Fabric Printing solution to ensure your creative vision and expectations are met.
* Betterment of the Environment
Digital Fabric Printing provides significant reductions in both water as well as electricity consumption when compared to traditional methods of fabric printing. As a result, for many Fabric Printers, Digital Fabric Printing can reduce water use by up to 90% and electrical usage by up to 30%.
* Cost Effective
When we look at the costing of the Digital Printing it is much less than the traditional as well as the embroidery and work done on a fabric. You only get printed the amount of fabric you wish to and there is no bulk buying.
When it comes to the wedding season then there are many people who get the lehenga cholis digitally printed as that looks amazing especially for the bridesmaids as the fabric is very light in weight. The Bollywood celebrities pre- fer digitally printed lehengas because they have a different look altogether in the wedding season.
Examples are: Alia Bhatt’s romantic pink Anushree Reddy lehenga choli that she picked for her best friend’s wedding, and Katrina Kaif’s ocean blue printed lehenga choli set by Anita Dongre that she wore for Shloka Mehta and Akash Ambani’s recent wedding.
Floral prints are a go to for the upcoming wedding season because they look very attractive and very different in a wedding.
Apart from the floral prints, we can also try different types of prints on a lehenga if we are getting it customised.
The traditional Kurti or even the Tunics that give an indo-western look can be worn as a daily office going or for an outdoor picnic.
Digital Printing looks very unique when we wear it because it is very comfortable and affordable which is a Plus Point of it. And something which is affordable can be worn for a daily basis work-life or even for outings.
Apart from this there are also shirts and t-shirts printed digitally and can be customised just the way a traditional one can be. Also, an A-Line Midi dress or a Gown can have beautiful prints like floral, checks, stripes and many other prints. Different prints make you look very different compared to others out there. The colourful flowers on the fabrics will make you feel that you are very close to nature.
* Digital Printing Market
The digital printing market size is expected to grow from US$24.8 billion in 2021 to US$34.3 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 6.7%. Growing demand for sustainable printing and developments in packaging and textile industries are the key factors driving the growth of the digital printing market.
* Covid-19 Impact in the Digital printing market
COVID-19 has brought businesses across all industries at a very low stage, including the digital printing domain. And as the world slowly goes into recovery, the way business is done will never be the same again. COVID-19 has changed the conditions for all businesses in general.
Author : Muskaan Valecha

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