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Archies Celebrates Mother’s Day with the Relaunch of its Emotional Campaign Ad

Published: May 10, 2023

To Solidify the love and joy for your Mothers

Archies, a legacy brand in the social expression industry, has relaunched its Mothers Day campaign. The campaign is intended to commemorate the essence of motherhood and the critical role that mothers play in their childrens lives. The brands advertising film has been reintroduced on its digital platforms, and it is a wonderful synthesis of feelings, wants, dreams, and respect. The film focuses on the emotions of a mother and her children, while emphasizing the value of showing a mother love through presents. The relaunched advertising campaign empathizes with mothers and children of all ages and highlights the idea of having similar feelings or emotions towards moms. Moreover, the campaign honour mothers unselfish love, care, and support for their children, making them the sole constant in their ever-changing lives.

Mothers Day Campaign

Speaking about the relaunched campaign, Mr. Varun Moolchandani, Executive Director of Archies, said, “Mothers Day is a special occasion that gives us an opportunity to convey our affection and appreciation for our mothers. At Archies, we believe that mothers are next to God and the guiding force in every childs life. Our campaign film is designed to showcase the emotions of a mother and her children and the importance of expressing love and affection in the form of presents. We hope that this campaign will touch the hearts of our customers and inspire them to celebrate Mothers Day in a memorable way.”

Through the film, Archies emphasizes that parenting is a full-time job that deserves to be recognized and acknowledged by all. Also, it stresses a mothers role and honour her contribution to her family and children. It depicts a mother and daughter talking about how a personal touch is necessary for the daughter to convey her love for her mother. Further, the girl expresses how she cant wish her mother online but feels that its important to communicate her affection in a proper way. On the whole, the purpose of this campaign is to evoke a sense of love and gratitude in children for their mothers and encourage them to celebrate Mothers Day in a special way.

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About Archies Limited India

Archies Limited owns and operates a chain of greeting cards and gift stores. The company offers a wide variety of products, including photo albums, baby books, jewellery and accessories, gift baskets, perfumes, stuffed toys, and other gifts. Archies has grown with the spread of modern culture, increasing urbanization and improving standard of living. Adorability and sentiment drive its brand appeal to all age groups and demographics. The brand has enormous ranges which have established exemplary mastery over its extensive network of distributors, retailers and franchisees. Furthermore, Archies is consciously targeting high-end malls and other prime retail spaces for opening its own stores. It currently operates 325 exclusive outlets (in 15 states & 66 cities), including company-owned and franchise stores across India and neighboring countries.

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