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The leader in continuous wet processing and jet dyeing technologies will help you get to net zero.

Published: March 28, 2023

Benninger aims to become the complete system supplier with leading technology for  continuous wet processing, discontinuous dyeing and remain the leader for solutions for the  tire cord industry. We take seriously our responsibility towards sustainable textile production  and have always stood for textile finishing plants that are particularly resource efficient.  

We supply overall solutions for all important textile wet finishing processes, and we  specialize in the continuous open-width treatment of woven and knitted fabrics, technical  textiles as well as jet dyeing machines, jiggers, along with the complete and integrated dye  house supply systems such as liquid dispensing, salt and soda ash distributing systems as  well as dye staff distribution systems. Our portfolio also includes caustic soda recovery  plants and waste-water heat recovery systems. Thanks to our comprehensive process  know-how and deep engineering understanding we offer high quality installations with  excellent customer service.  

With our solutions, producers will make a huge contribution to Decarbonizing Textile. At this year’s ITMA Milano, BENNINGER will be presenting its latest developments:  

 The new Benninger jet dyeing machine Fabricmaster, with unmatched water  consumption figures. It is the most sustainable way of discontinuous dyeing today. Fast,  cost effective and on the road to zero footprints.  

 The chemical dispensing system, CDS, serves all kind of discontinuous and continuous  machines in an accurate, unbeatable, and fast way.  

 The new Benninger-Küsters CPB dyeing station for knitwear, the only salt-free cold  dyeing process.  

 The new Benninger singeing machine, SingeRay, ensures perfect singeing effects, cost  efficiency and uniform quality.  

The sustainable way of discontinuous dyeing with the new Fabricmaster – fast, cost effective and zero footprints. 

Benninger has produced the fastest, most versatile, and economic Jet dyeing machine of the industry and which ensures dramatically shorter process times. The Fabricmaster is not only a robust and reliable system, but the benchmark of the industry in future. Its harmonic versatility is the beacon to conquer new markets. Our passion for perfect fabric quality makes sure that you produce the widest range of fabrics at lowest cost and unmatched water consumption levels.  

Salt-free dyeing of woven fabrics and knitwear  

Salt-free dyeing without the use of energy is only possible using the cold pad batch (CPB) dyeing process. This process is also becoming increasingly popular in tropical and  subtropical regions, which is reason enough for Benninger-Küsters to adapt the CPB  systems even more effectively to the climatic conditions. The heart of our CPB system is  the BENNINGER KÜSTERS DYPAD, which we will also be presenting again this year at  the ITMA Milano. BENNINGER is the only textile machine manufacturer with the know-how of the original S-roller technology, which is synonymous with an even dyeing result across the entire fabric width. 

Brand new Singeing machine “SingeRay” – the first choice to upgrade your fabric, whilst saving gas.  

The “100% made in Germany” singeing machine is equipped with 2 burners and a double nozzle strip. The silicium carbide burning chambers ensure complete combustion, and a constant burner temperature thanks to 4 cooling channels. Low gas consumption and a perfect flame will increase the scope of your fibres and blends.  

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