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Published: May 19, 2021
Author: Fashion Value Chain

Fashion is a loop. Every new trend has some resemblance of the past in it. Just like the other trends making a comeback like flared sleeves, bell bottoms, bishop sleeves, neon colours, etc., metallic clothing also made its comeback in the industry. The metallic trend was first introduced to the world in the 1930’s and was reserved for the Hollywood Starlets. Metallic fabrics with metallic threads were introduced. People loved that shiny, metallic look and it soon became very famous.

The lustre of metal had become a hit in the 70s. With ABBA’s hit song “Dancing Queen”, disco-dancing was everyone’s favourite sport which helped metallic fabrics gain more popularity. More colours were introduced in metals and everyone was shining under the disco lights. Due to sudden decline of disco in around 1976, metallic fabrics became out￾dated. Since then, metallics have appeared many times at different fashion shows and events.

In 2013, metallics took a rebirth with the spring/summer collection and went all the way to fall/winter collection. People chose metallic colour to look dazzling and outstanding. Fashion designers like Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani, Marc Jacobs, Balmain, Versace, Gucci, Lanvin, etc. adopted the new trend. Silver and Gold became the new black and in early 2014 many Hollywood actresses chose metallic colour outfits to wear at the red carpet.


They have also gained popularity in people through accessories. Metallic shoes, bags, nails, makeup came in trend to compliment the outfit and make strong style statement.

Metallic clothing can be intimidating for some people because of the shine and will make you look like some retro actress. If styled right, wearing metallic clothing with right accessories can add a taste to your look without coming off too flashy. It’s time for you to get out the shiny dresses that you have reserved for the New Year’s Eve and bring out the inner disco girl every day and not just on special occasions.

Metallic make-up looks super glamours. Like clothing, it may also seem very intimidating
and difficult. Metallic make-up can be a great way to look outstanding with your normal dresses and at the same time create bold looks. One can totally pull off the metallic trend irrespective of what their style is! Here are some styling and make-up tips that can help you look stunning-

• Metallics reflect light and if worn in a blouse or dress, it will attract attention towards your face or facial imperfections. To avoid that, choose metallics for the bottoms like a skirt or trouser.
• Choose any one piece to be metallic, either top or bottom. It is advised not to go all metallic unless it is meant to be a set or you may end up looking like a disco-ball.
• Keep your look as minimal as possible.
• Do not go ahead with heavy make-up. No make-up look is the best and the safest option. If you choose to go with heavy make-up, always try to keep the balance between the colours.
• Metallic shade nails work with any outfit and gives the perfect finishing touch.
• Try using a metallic highlighter to enhance your features. Make sure you choose the right one matching your skin tone and apply the perfect amount. Metallic glow looks good particularly for night-outs.

• Eyes are a fun way to play with metallics. Depending on which shades you choose you can easily decide on a more natural look or something a bit more.
• Metallic lips seem intense. Metallic finishes will give your lips added dimension and will also give you the appearance of fuller looking lips.
• Try to keep accessories to the minimum since metallics has its own significant shine. If you wish to experiment, try matt finish accessories.

Fashion Intern:- Rashi Tridevi

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