The upcoming ITMA 2023 trade show will be held in Milan, and Biancalani Textile Finishing Machinery (Biancalani), a leader in textile finishing machinery, will introduce two new items there. Rossano Biancalani, the company’s director, expressed his satisfaction with Biancalani’s performance in 2022 during a private conversation. He went on to explain that “it was a very good year for the final development of our new products, which will be showcased during ITMA 2023 to Indian customers and those who will visit the fair.” Rossano stated that India, Turkey, China, and Pakistan are the company’s most significant international markets, but that Africa’s textile industry is where the company’s future focus lies. There is no doubt that the western textile markets are always of great our interest.

Above all else, he continued, “because we have created the most impressive breakthroughs with European, Asian, and American clients. Rossano provided more information about the company’s product line for the global market, stating: “The Biancalani range of products and machinery for textile finishing industry includes the AQUARIA® open-width tumble washing and wet treatments system, which can be combined with traditional items like before and after washing modules and a new machinery for continuous open-width drying, softening and finishing all kinds of fabrics. Auxiliary machines for drying fabrics and knitting are also included in the company’s product line, along with machines for finishing wool and blended fabrics.

At ITMA 2023, new products

The business recently created two The continuous open drying equipment DUETTO and the open-width continuous washing system AQUARIA® will also be unveiled at ITMA 2023. The AQUARIA® washing range is designed to reduce water and energy consumption in a very unique way, and the DUETTO is consistent with Biancalani’s philosophy to dry and soften fabrics while reducing energy consumption while significantly increasing productivity and efficiency. On June 8 in Milan, both novel technologies will be showcased. The free modular dryers that are compatible with any other finishing equipment or capable of functioning as an independent drying system, as well as other products like the AIRO®, IDRA, and MILLA, will also be covered in depth by our professionals during the event,” stated Rossano.

Digitization Projects

Industry 4.0, automation, and digitization were the main topics of ITMA 2019, and these topics have since gained momentum globally. Rossano described Biancalani’s efforts in this area, saying: “Biancalani has implemented digitalization on its textile machinery and lines to accompany customers on an ecological and sustainable path to reduce production costs and take advantage of easier process control to achieve more productivity and simplicity of use. Additionally, to further maximise the performance of the machines and their production programmes, customers of Biancalani machines can access online help from knowledgeable technologists and engineers at any time.”This support has enabled the creation of innovative procedures that have demonstrated how AIRO®24 and AQUARIA® have been used to help The company’s other products modernise conventional finishing techniques while taking a sustainable, eco-friendly approach to fabrics. For the purchasers and users of our machines, the achievement of the ‘Green Label’ certification of sustainability and quality through ACIMIT and the RINA Certification Institute will be an additional assurance of quality and dependability. Rossano elaborated on how the firm’s goods and innovations promote environmentally friendly production, saying that “Biancalani Textile Finishing Machinery is always extremely attentive to sustainability, both in the production and testing processes of its machines and lines as well as in the execution of the processes themselves.”

“Our customers can benefit greatly from procedures like eco-bleach, organic washing (scouring), and cleaning after printing. Eco-bleaching is a bleaching method that substitutes biodegradable materials for harmful ones. Oils from polyester fabrics are removed using organic washing (scouring), which uses natural detergents rather than chemical solvents. Washing after printing in AQUARIA gives significant water and energy savings. Since all of AIRO24’s treatments have always been carried out using high-pressure, high-speed air, this has ensured that even the basic finishing treatments are pollution-free, the executive continued. Why should a customer choose Biancalani when there are so many other options open to him?

Rossano responded to this query by listing the company’s benefits and qualities, saying: “Biancalani’s technological legacy and all the years spent creating new equipment and textile treatments are the first guarantee for a customer. Our technology division is constantly prepared to respond to our customers from all over the world, providing the essential assurance. And this has been the situation for about 70 years; during that time, we have built roughly 3,000 machines and production lines in every market and textile category. In addition to the help that each of our clients can receive from our headquarters in Italy, the majority of our local agents provide knowledgeable professionals equipped to meet all of the needs of users of Biancalani machines.

The Next Steps

Biancalani is optimistic about the textile industry’s growth potential in the foreseeable future. “The global market for textile machinery exports is anticipated to grow, particularly after ITMA 2023. India will be a fantastic partner, in addition to being a tremendous certainty for us in previous years. is for Biancalani in the foreseeable future. We at Biancalani will support the textile industry in the same manner that the Indian government does. As a result, we are really hopeful and eager for more new items and improvements, Rossano said.