Since 1982, SEI Laser has been one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking businesses in the laser technology industry.

The major Italian company is pleased to announce its attendance at the ITMA trade show, which will be held in Milan, Italy, from June 8 to June 14.

In connection with the recent introduction of new laser systems, SEI Laser will display the X-Wave Conveyor, the most effective laser solution for cutting rolls of technical and organic fabric. With this technology, you may get the most accurate digital cutting performances ever by combining high speed, precision, and quality. The X-Wave Conveyor has a linear scanner that allows it to detect deviations, wrinkles, and wraps. It can also register cut the pattern upon technical request. the fashion and textile sectors.

The denim sector also benefits greatly from the work of SEI Laser. Matrix Textile acknowledges the foresight and ongoing innovation of the Bergamo-based business, which created it to satisfy every application requirement of a client and to carry out all designer’s desires. The industry-leading laser solution for roll-to-roll and roll-to-garment manufacturing and finishing is Matrix Textile.