A cam-driven rapier loom (LHR 450) will be introduced by Laxmilooms, a Shanghvi family business, at ITMA 2023 in Milan. The Laxmi LHR 450 high-speed rapier loom is a cutting-edge cam beat-up loom that Team LAXMI developed at their Ahmedabad facility as part of the “Make in India” campaign for better sustainability and growth with domestic manufacturing and in-house automation development of control cabinet for integrated and efficient performance of loom with easy access to operational parameters on a touch-panel and with a vision of integrating IOT 4.0 in the near future.

With a WIR of 1000 metres per minute and adequate servo take-up and let-off (beam flange dia up to 1000), the Laxmi LHR 450 will be offered in reed spaces ranging from 180 cm to 380 cm. It is excellent for weaving light to heavy cloth because it has a stepper motor-driven 8-color weft presenter, a pick-finding device, an independent leno motion, and an energy-efficient motor. The firm anticipates having a strong sales potential & several chances in various weaving markets throughout the world with the launch of Laxmi LHR 450. A customer can benefit from a variety of unique and specialised weaving needs thanks to the in-house development of the machine and control cabinet and customization choices.

Laxmilooms is also looking into potential new markets for woven technical fabrics with LHR 450. At ITME 22 in India last year, Laxmilooms previously presented their CMA Plus automatic pirn-change shuttle loom with unifil winder and autonomous quill operation. The business is searching for fresh selvedge market opportunities. denim and technical textile fabric weaving. CMA Plus automatic pirn-change loom is available in reed space of 120 cm to 220 cm with speed of 200 to 225 picks/min, with servo take-up & let-off (beam flange dia 800 mm).
Laxmilooms looks forward to meeting you @ ITMA 2023, Milan at our booth no C108 in Hall no 6 between 8 and 14 June 2023. Laxmilooms also expresses their thanks to The Ministry of Heavy Industries, Govt of India, CMTI, TMMA, TMMC & the entire Indian textile industry for the assistance & encouragement received during the development of the LHR 450 loom.