The mechatronic systems for the automatic handling of chemicals and dyestuffs used in the dyeing processes of all textile fabrics are Tecnorama’s area of expertise. By concentrating on automation, Tecnorama seeks to improve dyeing procedures as well as the reproducibility of laboratory and production recipes. An automatic laboratory dosing and dyeing system with a solid international reputation is called DOS&DYE®. It is the first and only technology that develops the proper recipe for bulk dyeing machines, preventing correction and re-dying in production while saving a significant amount of time and resources.

The Dosorama dispensing system plus one or more robotized dyeing modules make up the DOS&DYE®, which operates on its own twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It completes the entire dye-bath procedure automatically without without any operator involvement and complies with Industry 4.0 features.

Modern automation technology will be made available to the textile sector by Tecnorama. With the help of these advances, textile businesses will be able to maximise production, eliminate waste, and lower labour costs while retaining high quality and flawless reproducibility.

The dye-house working method has already undergone a revolution thanks to the DOS&DYE® technology.

Since many years ago, Tecnorama has been a leader in the industry thanks to its cutting-edge and automated technology.