Following the departure of charismatic founder Maezawa, the company is looking for a new path. Despite the continued downturn in the textile industry, Zozo, the operator of the clothing retail website Zozotown, is doing well, with transaction value reaching a new high for the Japanese firm.

Zozo is being transformed into a rock-solid fashion platform by Kotaro Sawada, who took control from charismatic creator Yusaku Maezawa in September 2019. He wants to establish a strong business culture based on individuals that are enthusiastic about fashion.
Zozo, a Japanese fashion house, has rebranded itself as Sawada. The company is now concentrating on fashion technology, with a focus on both fashion and technology. In 2020, it began using a company-wide public address system to improve communication. It has a different relationship with the businesses who sell on Zozotown than prior management.
Data on over 1 million body forms can now be shared with other firms thanks to Zozosuit 2. By lowering the frequency of returns and cancelled orders owing to size issues, the plan aims to boost efficiency for both Zozo and Zozotown’s retailers.
Zozotown, the firm that created Zozosuit, is now attempting to expand into a full-fledged fashion website. In March, Zozo began giving away free Zozoglass, an eyeglass-like gadget, in conjunction with the introduction of its specialty cosmetics market, Zozocosme.
In just three months, Zozomat, a new service for sizing and selecting footwear, had surpassed one million users. By the end of 2021, Zozo intends to begin exporting its measurement technology. Health care, diet-related services, and games are also on the horizon for the organisation.