“ZhejiangTex” has already been organized successfully for 20 editions. Over the years, the show has gathered many industry leading exhibitors, helping the textile enterprises in Zhejiang to further develop. On 14-16 May 2020, Adsale Exhibition Services as the organizer will continue to co-organize The 21st Zhejiang International Trade Fair for Textile and Garment Industry with Yiwu China Commodities City Exhibition Co., Ltd. There are four thematic zones, Knitting & Hosiery Machinery, Sewing & Automatic Garment Machinery, Digital Printing Technology & Application and Knitting Products & Accessories respectively, showcasing the world-class textile machinery and cutting-edge technologies. Under the theme of “Technological Innovation Promotes Diversified Trans-Boundary, Intelligent Textiles Contributes A Healthy Future”, the exhibition will bring the industry to a whole new level along the healthy textile trend, helping the enterprises to master the latest industry news and encouraging innovation in the textile industry.

Geographical Advantages
Helping the development of the textile industry

Since Yiwu, where the exhibition will be organized, have trading relationships with up to 277 countries and regions, achieving the ultimate goal of “Buy Global, Sell Global”. Yiwu’s “Yi Xinou” train opened 10 freight railway routes connecting European countries, including Madrid, London, Prague etc., connecting 35 countries and bring the national commodities of “Belt and Road” into China, creating a rapid railway in the world. Also, Yiwu is an important area of apparel manufacturing in Zhejiang Province, thus the Chinese government invested about 30 million Yuan in special funds in 2017-2020 to stimulate the development of the industry. Yiwu has also been awarded the title of several textile and garment industry clusters, including: Zhejiang’s Hosiery Brand BaseChina’s Seamless Knitwear Production Base and China’s Zipper Production Base etc., which is surrounding by more than 10 textile and apparel industry clusters of different industries have also gathered around Yiwu, like China’s Hosiery Production Base – Zhuji City, China’s Quilted Textile Production Base – Pujiang County and China’s Men’s Clothing Production Base -Ruian City etc.
Forum of the Health Industry
Helping the Enterprises to keep up with the Market Trend

With the release of the “Healthy China 2030” Plan, China’s massive health industry is booming. By 2020, it is expected that the scale of the health industry will exceed 16 trillion yuan, up to 3 times bigger than the market size now. Healthy textile, as a great extension of the big health industry, is supported by the science and technology. It integrates medical, health scientific concepts and advanced technologies into the traditional textile products. Following the success of “The International Healthcare and Textile Sci-Tech Innovation Conference 2019” in ShanghaiTex 2019, the organizer will once again host the conference of 2020 with the China Health Care Association Textile Branch in ZhejiangTex 2020. The conference will base on the theme of “New Technology · Massive Health · Co-Sharing“, providing high-quality resources for the enterprises to transform and upgrade, helping them to develop in the field of healthy and functional textile.

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