An entrepreneur secured in a brand name fight with a worldwide High Street retailer has hit out at their “extremely scary” lead. Golden Kotrri was reached by legal counselors for attire firm Zara a year prior asserting her Darlington shop House of Zana was “theoretically indistinguishable”.

Zara recently said it was putting forth attempts to “resolve the matter genially” yet Mrs Kotrri denies this. She said the Spanish organization just allowed her three months to close down. Mrs Kotrri said: “The main correspondence I’ve had from Zara was the legal counselors requesting that I close my business, they’ve never attempted to address me agreeably, it’s so disturbing. “What the letter said was that on the grounds that Zara had begun as a little privately-run company and in view of the pandemic it had sympathy towards other independent ventures and would allow me three months to shut everything down.”