Desigual, a Spanish retailer, has enhanced employee engagement and improved process efficiency by implementing Yoobic, a digital workplace solution. Desigual identified such a need to modernise and streamline communications, visual merchandising, and compliance requirements throughout its shop network and, as a result, implemented the Yoobic mobile-first platform.

We required a model that enables us to integrate strategy plans and communications throughout our entire retail estate, ensuring that the customer satisfaction and ‘look and feel’ of our stores were consistent and streamlined. Earlier, we had relied on various, time-c”We could not even record and analyse the data included in these transactions although these would not let for two-way contact between our frontline personnel and head office,” said Eduardo Garcia de Frutos, Desigual’s head of business operations.

After that implementation and seeing the platform’s worth, the retailer began being used to optimize other essential elements of the business, including ongoing maintenance, marketing, stock, and finance – with each branch currently conducting daily cash settlements online using Yoobic. According to a press release from Yoobic, the digital platform boosts in-store compliance to 85% while easing operational administration, improving team camaraderie, and generating economic efficiencies.

The retailer currently employs over than 500 people who use the Yoobic service. To date, more than 35,000 task-based operations were performed, and nearly 400,000 store photographs have been shared internally, considerably enhancing overall transparency throughout its store estate.

“The platform has increased synergy across the organisation, not just in terms of operational management, but also in terms of creating team and economic efficiencies.” “Once the staff saw how simple it is to use and began to realise the results, it was tremendously inspiring to them,” Garcia de Frutos explained.

“We are completely satisfied with the outcome of our collaboration with Desigual.” The brand has embraced mobile technology to empower the most critical aspect of their business – its frontline – realising that giving the correct tools, delivered in the flow of work, is the key to achieving stronger commercial returns,” Haiat said.

Manali bhanushali
Author: Manali bhanushali

Manali Bhanushali