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Yellowstone Plastics invests in Fusion C press and Meridian anilox cleaner from PCMC

Published: May 29, 2020

Purchases to help increase both quality and quantity of product offerings for customers 

Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC), part of Barry-Wehmiller, has announced the sale of a new Fusion C printing press and 2500 T Meridian laser anilox cleaner to Yellowstone Plastics (affiliated with Volm Companies), a supplier of flexible packaging located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The 42-inch, 10-color Fusion C and the Meridian will be installed late in 2020. 

The addition of the Fusion C will make all presses at Yellowstone Plastics sleeved, reducing changeover and setup times between jobs. With features including 100 percent web inspection, auto impression setting and the award-winning SteadyPrint print-stabilization technology, the new flexographic press also will help increase the quality and quantity of product offerings for Yellowstone Plastics’ customers. Accelerate Live analytics are included for real-time service support.

“In today’s market, orders are smaller, with shorter lead times,” said Lou Figueria, Director of Printing and Graphics Operations, Yellowstone Plastics. “PCMC strives to meet these challenges by serving as a partner to customers to develop presses with better tooling to shave off time on setups and production runs.

“In the 44 years that I have been in the printing business, I have seen, operated and installed a lot of different models of presses,” continued Figueria. “After searching the globe for the best press to fit our quality and performance needs, I found that PCMC best meets all of our needs.”

As part of the package, PCMC will host a “Grow More” event with Yellowstone Plastics after press installation. PCMC leaders will utilize their lean manufacturing experience and people-centric leadership training to facilitate Yellowstone Plastics’ journey to improve efficiency, communication and employee engagement.

“We’re extremely excited to be working with PCMC on the next phase of our growth as a company,” said Daniel Mueller, President, Volm Companies. “We have confidence that this press will serve us well for many years to come and help us continue to meet our customers’ needs, as we strive to be their most valued partner.”

“Customers such as Yellowstone Plastics are excellent partners for PCMC, because they recognize that our experience and innovations can grow their businesses,” said Rich Stratz, Regional Sales Manager, PCMC. “PCMC and Yellowstone Plastics are aligned for long-term success and growth.”

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