The issue of high yarn price is getting momentum day by day as various trade bodies are in full swing to oppose this steep hike.

The South Indian Hosiery Manufacturer Association has urged the Union Government to ban the export of yarn and fabric and bring yarn under the Essential Commodities Act.

It is pertinent to mention here that yarn in not an essential commodity and therefore, market forces decide the prices and not the Government – though Government claims to be concerned about fluctuation in yarn prices and is keeping a tab on it.

C. Easwaran, President of the association said, “We demand a total ban on the export of yarn and fabric from India and bring them under the Essential Commodities Act, otherwise the Tirupur apparel industry will turn into a memory.”

On the other hand, ‘Helpline Portal on the yarn supply issue’ has been started on the website of The Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (CITI).

This was following the tireless efforts of Tirupur Exporters Association and few other trade bodies after they requested the National Committee on Textile and Clothing (NCTC) to support in this matter.

“As a first step to mitigate hardships, it is proposed to launch a dedicated ‘online portal’ on CITI’s website that will have link to all the national and regional textile associations and EPCs to understand the gravity of the problem, the specific needs of the downstream manufacturing units and possible solutions,” says T. Rajkumar, Coordinator, NCTC.

Just few days ago, a meeting of top exporters and textile mills’ representatives also took place in which extensive discussions and deliberations were held on this issue.

After the grievance was filed by the apparel exporters on the instruction of PMO, DGFT is also now looking into this matter.