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Yarn Expo Spring to display new functional yarns in market.

Published: January 27, 2020

Yarn Expo Spring trade fair will display latest functional yarns that are in constant market demand from March 11-13, 2020, at the National Exhibition and Convention centre, in Shanghai. Yarn Expo is Asia’s comprehensive yarn and fibre business platform. The show helps overseas buyers to gain access to leading domestic suppliers in the industry.

With the advancement of technology, functional yarns have been developed and used in textile production to enhance the functionality and performance of sportswear, outdoor wear and even everyday clothing. From thermo regulating, moisture absorbing and flame resistant properties to antibacterial, antistatic and more, these innovative features offered by functional yarns add value to textile products as more and more manufacturers focus on customisation according to consumers’ needs. By integrating functionality directly into the yarns, textile products become highly durable, which increases their sustainability as well.

Functional products help exhibitors stand out in the market and reach new clients from around the world at Yarn Expo, which saw over 28,000 buyers from 87 countries and regions last spring. This year, there will be new exhibitors from Belarus who are attracted to join Yarn Expo Spring for the first time to showcase their quality acrylic fibres, nylon yarns, polyester fibres, industrial yarns and more, according to a press release on the show.

“We have observed buyers with a higher demand for quality products, especially products with certifications. This makes our product more competitive and more ready to sell to buyers. After successfully establishing real cooperation with a few buyers last time, we decided to return. We target international markets and we are glad to meet visitors from Turkey, India, Belgium and other European countries. Exhibiting at Yarn Expo is essential for our business because we can reach out to new clients here,” Guo Biao, general manager of Hai Thien from Vietnam said.

Everest Textile from Taiwan will also be displaying its products at the show. Everest Textile’s unique yarn processing technology creates moisture absorbing and quick drying stretch fibre that is supplied to renowned brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, Patagonia, Spyder, The North Face, and more.

“We would like to take this opportunity to better explore the China market and we have continuously seen clients from China, Southeast Asia, and the US coming to our booth to enquire. The fair has impressed me a lot with its scale and organisation. The results have exceeded our expectations and we will be back next year. Yarn Expo creates a collaborative global networking place to share ideas, experience, expertise and resources,” Steven Shen, director of textured yarn department of Everest Textile said.

Korean supplier HJLite will display reflective yarns for enhancing the safety and functionality of garments.

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