Coats, the world’s largest industrial thread manufacturer, has created Coats Synthesizer, a groundbreaking device that features a yarn blend simulator that reliably forecasts end-use fabric properties in the personal protection sector within seconds.

The innovative tool enables Coats to meet customized needs of its consumers while still saving multiple sampling processes on the resource.

Coats Synthesizer is a custom-made instrument that digitally blends yarns using algorithms. The advanced blend detector devices offer information on critical properties of the fabric, such as burn resistance, abrasion tolerance and ATPV (arc thermal protection).

This also allows for real-time optimisation of yarn prices. The software will help Coats as it works closely with the clients to create fresh and creative blends. After the estimation of the initial blend and digitally performed sampling, the physical production stage involves only fine tuning.

They  are aiming to push the barriers and include products and resources that can further improve productivity and time to market for our customers. This software removes the need for lengthy, costly pre-production sampling and will allow Coats to continue driving and more effectively serve our customers in the dynamic post-COVID environment.’