Xpore, a textile brand from BenQ Materials, developed an innovative membrane technology. The materials used are PFC-free and solvent-free in its entire manufacturing process.

Present day PFC-free materials are PU, TPU, and TPEE. PU, commonly used for textile membranes has limited breathability. Along with solvents it requires to dissolve, resulting in air pollution.

Xpore membrane is 100% free of harmful chemicals. Their in-house manufacturing line is completely solvent-free. The lamination process and customizable glue can be applied to all types of fabric and natural fibers, including polyester, nylon, wool, cotton, and silk.

The nanoporous membrane ensures excellent breathability, is waterproof and windproof. Therefore, an ideal fabric for both outdoor and urban apparel.

By using a rolling technique, significant amount of water is saved. Air pollution is avoided by being solvent free. Materials are manufactured in a ‘green factory’ which is equipped with solar panels and other energy-saving systems.

Recycle Series was launched, which features waterproof-breathable products made from recycled fibers. Most sustainable choice for eco-conscious living.

The advantage of a high performing apparel being eco-friendly, reveals multiple opportunities and possibilities of application in the textile industry.