Most of us are already aware that Sustainability is the need of the hour in the denim industry as denim manufacturing creates excessive levels of waste. Major brands are putting in efforts to conserve the environment and nature and there is increased activity down the line . Another remarkable effort made recently by the US based denim brand, Wrangler , touches another milestone in producing denims without generating waste and pollution.

The conventional dyeing process has been removed with sustainable ways of creating denim.The new innovation by the brand promises to eradicate water wastage upto 100 percent. This foam dyed technology is called Indigood  that eliminates 100 percent water waste generated through conventional dyeing methods in denim manufacturing.Not only this, Indigood reduces energy consumption and energy waste by 60 % as compared to other methods of dyeing.This new technique was created in partnership with Texas Tech University and a Spanish fabric mill , Tejidos Royo in Valencia. The detailed process of this technology was reported in an article at our site here last year when it was undergoing installation and now the actual collection is out in the market and we bring an updated info on the same.

“We’re proud to have helped pioneer a technology that has the potential to revolutionize sustainability standards for denim,” said Tom Waldron, VP & Global Brand President, Wrangler. “The introduction of Indigood foam-dyed denim represents our continued commitment to use our global scale to advance the denim industry, while maintaining the authenticity, quality and style that consumers expect from Wrangler.”

Usually, to prepare a single pair of jeans, it needs gallons of water and chemicals to transfer the indigo to yarn.This new process uses a foaming agent instead of chemicals and that too without wasting water to give the blue color to your denim.  Wrangler, which is owned by Kontoor Brand claims this technology as the most sustainable way of dyeing denim and hope to get other brands on board in using this technique in future.

Visit the new ICON collection by Wrangler here that includes male and female jeans , shirts and jackets in two denim sahdes – Good Day (light) and Good Night (night). Some of these are hand picked below!