The Textile Association (India) is organizing “World Textile Conference-3” on 25-26th February, 2023 at Ahmadabad on the theme “World Textiles – Redefining Strategy”.

Association has been at the forefront in spreading Knowledge, Education, Research as well as assisting Policy Making and organizing several National and International events in India & abroad.

Textile Industry over thousands of years has been playing a key role in the growth of civilization. The first step in strategy formulation challenging the then leadership came from Britain through the 19th century Industrial revolution. Innovation in raw material, primarily through emergence of man-made cellulosic’s evolved the next stage of strategic development.

However, two consecutive world wars and particularly World War II brought in radical change in the product needs and in turn the technology requirements. Man-made synthetics emerged with the advent of Polyamide and followed by Polyester, Acrylics and Polypropylene grabbed both Industrial and consumer preferences. The world saw novel commercial applications of fibers eventually in the form of Industrial and Technical Textiles for the very first time during this phase.

Computer Sciences and lately Artificial Intelligence collectively made all the strategic decisions sustainable and highly pervasive in the last decade. Over the ages, continued defining and redefining strategies gave birth to newer raw materials, technology, novel applications and financial inclusions leading to positive changes in consumer preferences and significant Industry growth.

The proposed World Textile Conference – 3 attempts to address key strategic changes in manufacturing, marketing, trade, policies & research to look at the process and steps for Industry to be future ready. The two day “Hybrid” event would encompass deliberations on key topics like The New World Order in Textile & Apparel Industry, Digital Revolution Driving Sustainability, “Cotton Vs MMF or Cotton & MMF” – Pathway to Economic Leadership, Technology Developments & Investment Opportunities, Denims beyond 2025 & much more.

Diagonal Consulting (India), a leading Strategic and Management Consulting firm in Textiles spearheaded by Dr. P. R. Roy is the ‘Knowledge Partner’ for the said event. The firm & its associates integrate a range of expert knowledge in Textile & Apparel Industry through wide experience and alliances globally.

We are expecting more than 650 major participation from Industry & Technology Leaders, Trade Bodies, Education & Financial Institutions, Policy Makers, Researchers and Economists from within & outside the country at the ensuing World Textile Conference – 3.