TEXPA, the world’s leading manufacturer of fully automated production lines for home
textiles, has taken automation to a new level with “FITTED C90 – 360”.

With the introduction of the first fully automatic line, TEXPA has succeeded in creating an
innovation that produces fitted sheets from the roll to the final product – with 90° corners and a 360° elastic band sewn in all the way round.

TEXPA meets the demand for highest precision and quality from producers and end
customers alike thanks to a self-developed system that ensures the exact shaping of all four corners. State-of-the-art robot systems guarantee a consistently reliable and personnel-independent production.

Built-in label dispensers allow for the positioning of labels in the hem as well as in the
corners – and with the feature to connect an additional automatic folding machine, the
efficiency increases even more.

The world’s first automatic fitted sheet production line has already been delivered to a
renowned German bed linen manufacturer.