Liva in association with ace designer, Mr. Narendra Kumar spoke about the need for sustainability in fashion and future of fashion on World Environment Day. Mr. Narendera has launched multiple sustainable collections and recently launched ayurvedic masks in Kerala amidst the pandemic of COVID-19. On World Environment Day, Mr Kumar stressed on the need for sustainability and what customers can do to assist brands in their endeavour for the same. He also spoke about his love for Liva and their support in making fashion in India more sustainable and environment-friendly.  “Being sustainable, fluid and having the quality of holding colours beautifully; Liva is one of the best fabrics for venturing into sustainable fashion for brands and companies,” said Kumar. 

Sustainability needs to be an everyday choice, which means the garments need to be affordable and durable. Narendra Kumar also shed light on how customers are becoming more aware now and can demand companies to showcase the garments journey on the tag which will ensure brands and companies are more conscious. The movement of sustainability has been hampered and slow. The real change will come when we make fashion sustainable and affordable; which can be worn every day. 

He also addressed the myth of sustainable fashion being boring or boxy, for which he also launched his sustainable sportswear brand.