ITME Africa will be held in Ethiopia for the first time in February 2020. Lofi will be part of the Swiss pavilion.

The continued growth of the African textile industry is encouraging. In particular, Ethiopia has not only planted its own cotton, but also invested heavily in the development of the entire textile industry chain. The quality of textiles can meet the needs of local markets and international trade markets. In addition, in South Africa, a certain scale of spinning technology has been formed, which can produce various textiles with different technical and quality requirements.

Now is the perfect time to present the comprehensive quality control solution of Rofi Switzerland to the African market: the latest generation of yarn clearer Yarn-Master PRISMA, which is suitable for all yarns and provides the best technology. The combination of four high-end detection technologies and intelligent interaction ensure unprecedented visibility of faults and data quality. A new concept that breaks through traditional technologies will ensure a perfect balance between efficiency and quality. In addition, Lofi’s central control system MillMaster TOP 2.0 can also manage the useful information collected. As part of the range of functions of the YarnMaster PRISMA electronic yarn clearer, quality can be easily and simply managed. YarnMaster EOS will also be displayed at the show. It makes air spinning and vortex spinning have the most reliable yarn clearing effect. WeftMaster FALCON-i will be the most eye-catching high-tech product: it will be the quality control of high-tech yarn fabrics-such as carbon fiber fabrics, monofilaments, multifilaments and air-jet spinning. It can remove the smallest knots, fluff, Ruth, thick knots and fine broken wires before weaving, and easily weave a high-tech fabric with zero defects

Africa combines all the important factors needed to become a highly competitive and mature textile market. We are excited to be part of this wonderful journey and look forward to seeing you in Addis Ababa.