Wallets are a part of the essentials that you can’t even leave your house without. Despite not being too big in size, they carry all your essentials like keys, money, cards, etc., without making you look too bulky. However, wallets serve more than just a functional purpose. You can incorporate the best styles of wallets in your wardrobe that will compliment your personality in the best way. 

      When picking out wallets, it takes some effort to choose classy pieces that will enhance all your outfits as an accessory. That, however, is not a problem as Kompanero has the best collection of women wallets that are bound to grab your attention. Every piece in the collection has been carefully picked out to be practical but also attractive. Here’s a list of women wallets to include in your fashion wardrobe:

  • Bi-Fold Wallets: These are one of the most commonly used types of wallets by both men and women. Bi-fold wallets are average in size and fold twice, having enough space to store your cash, credit, debit and other cards, coins, etc. If going out casually, you can conveniently fit these in sling bags or even just in your pockets. They are easy to use and secure, so you don’t have to worry about any valuables falling out. 
  • Tri-Fold Wallets: These wallets are similar to bi-fold wallets but considerably bigger in size. They have three folds, which makes for even larger storing space pockets. This allows you to conveniently carry everything you need, even for long periods of time. A bit on the thicker side, these can still easily fit in your pockets, but you can carry them in your bags or purses if you find that uncomfortable.
  • Clutch Wallets: Clutch wallets are another very classic option to go for. They are essentially mini purses that have a long chain at the top for you to carry your keys, cash, cards, bills, receipts, phones, etc., in. These are long, mostly rectangular or oval in shape and come in a variety of patterns, designs and colours. These are often also used in fancy settings and go with western as well as ethnic clothing.
  • Continental Wallets: These wallets are specifically designed to give you as much room as possible to carry all your basic essentials. Continental wallets often look like a pouch that gives you space to store your cash, cards, phone, gift receipts, IDs and more. You can also carry your passport and tickets in them, so many use continental wallets as travel wallets.

Along with functionality and fashion, durability is another important aspect we all need in our wallets. No one has time to replace wallets every few weeks because they take on a ragged, old look. That’s where Kompanero wallets rank high as they are made of superior, strong quality leather that will easily last you a few years, looking as good as new. Wallets this good at great prices is an investment you shouldn’t think twice about, so go ahead and start shopping, already!

Manali bhanushali
Author: Manali bhanushali

Manali Bhanushali