Meera Industries Limited, a leading name in twisting machines offering world-class products to national and international markets, is going to introduce a new model DTX-300, which combines direct twisting and precision winding. The machine is designed for direct twisting of tape, multifilament, spun yarns with precision winding. 

Why is direct twisting + precision winding the answer to all your technical textile Twisting problems?

Winding is the most crucial step in the yarn and fabric manufacturing processes. The primary goal of winding is to provide a suitable package for the creation of both woven and knitted fabrics. Precision winding enhances the quality of the yarn, which in turn improves the quality of the fabric formed from the yarn.

Yarns used in Technical Textiles in Packtech, Agrotech, Protech, Hometech, Geotech are highly diversified. They are of various types like PP, Polyester, Nylon (P), Aramid, High Tenacity, Cotton, Acrylics, Blended, Hybrid etc. They are in various forms like Tape, Multifilament, Mono etc.  Most of the yarns used are in Course count (500+ denier range ), requiring large packages (10-15 kg) which can fit into smaller diameters, with fast unwinding speed in post processes. 

DTX-300 – direct twisting + precision winding is a hybrid model combination of High Speed TWO FOR ONE Twisting with Precision Winding.

Precision winding is a procedure that produces an extremely dense package with the maximum amount of yarn stored in a definite volume when the successive coils of yarn on a package are laid close together and parallel or nearly parallel to each other.

key benefits of precision winding are 

  1. Precision Winding enables large package sizes (10-15 Kg). which means high efficiency/productivity in the post processing.
  2. Precision Winding Enables Fast Unwinding Speed in post processing without risk of yarn breakages and any need of Flanges on the side.
  3. Unwinding on the side is possible. 
  4. Precision wound packages are of high quality; they are more compact and harder. Without having any patterning, the degree of yarn twist also remains the same throughout the package.
  5. There could be cost saving in packaging and logistics up to 30% due to super compact packages. 

Combining Twisting with Precision Winding makes it a Single Process that has a direct saving up to 25% in terms of manpower, space, capital investment etc compared to doing twisting and winding separately

Features of DTX – 300

Precision winding – Constant tape tension, adjustable spring pressure mechanism, variable pressure for dampening device, precise winding ratio, preset length, LED indication, etc.

Suitable Application – The product can be applied in All kinds of Technical Textiles applications for e.g. Packtech, Agrotech, Protech, Hometech, Geotech, Indutech,  FIBC, Bag Closing, Sewing Threads, technical textiles, artificial grass, etc.

Suitable yarn The yarns that are suitable for this model are Fibrillated, Non-Fibrillated PP tapes, Multi filament yarn made from PA, PES, PP, PE, Aramid etc.

Advance Features

DTX-300’s most powerful feature is that each position can work individually means you can make different types of yarns on different spindles. You can also group the number of spindles as per your requirement. This feature makes DTX-300 the most versatile twisting machine available in the market.

Trials on DTX-300 machines are also a boon, as you are not required to stop the whole machine instead one position can be kept separately for  trials without causing any impact on the productivity

DTX-300 offers Individual position length counting and monitoring systems. Which can enable you to manufacture equal length bobbins 

The Centrally Controlled Lubrication System adds to further processing of the yarns.

Meera Industries Limited is going to exhibit the DTX-300 model in the upcoming Textile Machines exhibitions.