Phulia is a village in Nadia district of West Bengal. After the partition of Bangladesh many weavers came and settled in this region.

With the support of the government, the weavers soon revived their ancestral occupation of weaving and the art of weaving once again flourished. Today fine woven, feather touch textile and sarees in exotic design and colour are produced in the vast weaving belt of Phulia. The product is marketed through co-operatives and various linkages. The raw material used for the production are Cotton. Polyester, Muga silk, Zari and Viscose.


Details –

Number of handlooms – 3200

Number of weavers – 7000

Handloom products – dhoti, saree, stoles, scarf.

Cluster Accessibility –

Phulia is well connected with Roadways, Railways

Roadways – 60 km away from Bus stop.

Railways – 125 km away from Sealdah railway station.

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