Bishnupur is a city in Bankura district of West Bengal. It is situated at a distance of 151 km from the state capital Kolkata. Bishnupur is famous for its terracotta temple and Baluchari Sari.

Around the midst of 16th Century, a group of highly skilled handloom weavers migrated to Bengal from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh and settled in the village of Balachaur near Jiaganj of Murshidabad. They had the skill of weaving sarees and plotting different designs like key characters of Ramayana and Mahabharata.
They flourished under the royal support. This er became known as Baluchari sarees. Each design of baluchari sari has a mythological story hled Gads and Goddesse and great epics.
The silk Baluchari saree of bhishunupur  has Geographical Indication Mark. In around 1956 production of Baluchari saree was started at Bhishnupur , Bankura.

Details –

Number of handlooms – 1324

Number of weavers – 1402

Handloom products – baluchari saree, dress material


Custer Accessibility –

Bishnupur is well connected with roadways and railways.

Roadways –  2 km away from bus stop

Railways – 2 km away from railway station

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