MALMÖ, Sweden — 13 August 2020 — WEKO is a German manufacturer of surface finishing automotive technology systems. Along with Polygiene, it will also be selling options for using ViralOff as a microdroplet mist. This saves up to 80% of the water, 80% of the chemistry and 90% of the drying energy.

The equipment and software systems will be marketed to current and new clients including various leading garment production and manufacturing mills. This indicates that Polygiene will further enhance its position in the whole value chain, spanning from licensed customer to qualified drug service labels to its manufacturing partners.

“We see the demand for ViralOff in the market, and we wanted to bring our expertise in applications to make this technology even better. The savings in water, energy and chemical footprint are more than substantial. We also give perfect repeatability of the application, which is important when promising the >99% virus reduction of ViralOff” says Tobias Schurr, sales and marketing director at WEKO.“ViralOff is as much a sustainability initiative as it is a part of battling the current and future pandemics,” says Mats Georgson, CMO at Polygiene. “With ViralOff you can skip maybe 80% of washes – there is no “just in case” reasons. And that will save so much on the environment. Now with WEKO we can realize dramatic savings in the production side too. And while this application method is not as dry as my puns, it uses only 20% of the water of conventional methods.”


Source: Textile World