“A series of webinars on smart medical products will be held in Taipei, aimed at providing the world a better understanding of Taiwan’s smart medical industry as the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic continues”, the country’s trade representative said Wednesday. Over the past decade, medicine and technology have increasingly joined hands to improve people’s lives.

Today, worldwide medical related expenditure has reached US$8.7 trillion,making the continued integration of the two industries all the more essential. The business potential of the healthcare and medical industry in medical IOT applications is worth more than US$158 billion.

Extraordinary times come with extraordinary opportunities, and Taiwan has seized this moment to thrive and shine!Driven by both the pandemic crisis and the accelerating 5G trend, Taiwan’s dynamic medical industry has shown its innovative power in smart medical technologies, surgical and medical devices. “Taiwan leads the way by excelling in telehealth technologies, the use of ECMO,laparoscopic surgery, endoscopic surgery, and robotic surgery,” said Walter Yeh, President and CEO of TAITRA, at an online product launch campaign. The one-hour webinar was part of a series of events held by TAITRA to highlight the country’s strengths in the smart medical industry and to boost economic activities amid the global standstill, according to the trade promotion body.

The product launch included Mediland’s surgical tables and surgica lights, MedicalTek’s MonoStereo endoscopic visualization system, Asiatic Fiber’s PPE textiles and surgical textiles, and suction machines used in operating theatres from Doctor’s Friend Medical Instruments, all of which demonstrated smart medical solutions for hospitals and medical
institutions. The event attracted over 1,700 viewers online from countries including Malaysia, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Germany. More events focusing on medical products, including beauty products, eye care, assistance devices for the elderly, and dentistry, will be held.

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