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Published: April 4, 2020

Cradle-to-Cradle and 100% compostable collection by CALIDA and Viktor&Rolf brings forward responsible innovation, style and sustainable values

WE WANT A BETTER WORLD is the name and mantra of the Cradle-To-Cradle capsule collection by Swiss premium underwear label CALIDA with luxury fashion label Viktor&Rolf. Inspired by the Woodstock generation, the series comprises underwear, pj and t-shirts for both women and men.

Good design for a good purpose. This is are the values at the base of the collection. Calida and Viktor&Rolf joined forces to create 100% compostable design which follow nature’s model of calculating resources in a healthily, efficient way.

WE WANT A BETTER WORLD has the Cradle To CradleCertified certification which attest the fulfilment of high sustainable standards for environment. Made of compostable, sustainable TENCEL™, Lyocell, the seriesproudly comes also with the certification MADE IN GREEN by Oeko Tex®. The ‘capsule’ edition achieves such 100%sustainable goal thanks to ROICA™ V550 the ultimate hyper-performing premium  stretch sustainable yarn by Asahi Kasei.

As part of the ROICA Eco-Smart™ family, the premium stretch ROICA™ V550, yarn offers relevant circular economy  advantages linked to material health  as proved by a Gold Level Material Health Certificate by the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute  for a safe and biological end of life cycle. Moreover, it proudly breaks down without releasing harmful substances under the testing environment according to Hohenstein Environmental Compatibility  certification.

The Capsule collection is a unique blend of extravagance and sustainability. By working with Viktor&Rolf we are proving that high fashion and the highest standards of sustainability are not mutually exclusive. We are sending out a signal and setting new standards in sustainable fashion.” Says Janine Weiz-Bühler, Director of Brand & Products at CALIDA.

Viktor&Rolf also see the collaboration as the realisation of a shared vision. “We are very proud of the collection we have developed with CALIDA – the first of its kind. For us it is a meaningful exploration that further deepens our notion of conscious design.

“WE WANT A BETTER WORLD translates perfectly our commitment for sustainable fashion.” Says Hiroaki Shinohe, ROICA™ Chief Marketing Officer based in Germany. At ROICA™ we both engineer eco-smart and high-tech yarns as well as boost collaborations with brands and fashion houses sharing our sustainable values such as CALIDA and Viktor&Rolf on this project.”

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