When you set up a textile business, you have to compete with others in the market. For this, you need to make yourself and your product visible. If a customer gets a view of your product, the chances of that product getting sold are increased.

But you don’t need any enhanced technology to advertise your product. 

All you have to do is shoot a video of your product and post it on various social media platforms. Social media search algorithms will help you find and attract new customers.

Let’s discuss some ways to use video in your business effectively.

6 Different Ways To Use Video To Grow Your Textile Business

Videos have proven to be effective when it comes to grabbing people’s attention. Hence, using them would aid in increasing your product visibility and brand reach. 

Here are six different ways to use video to grow your textile business:

Make An Introductory Video Of Your Brand

It is not an easy task to turn unknown viewers into customers through the internet. If you have not started anything yet, first make an outline of an introductory video. If you make the intro video that connects to people’s hearts, the chances are high that more people will remember your brand. 

This intro video must be focused on the unique sale point of your brand and should include some humor so that everyone can relate to your brand and product. 

Being a storyteller can easily bring in customers for your brand. But don’t make the video too long. Try to cover things in a short time frame and point out what sets your brand apart. 

Don’t forget to use illustrations and high-quality shots to make your first impression impactful.

Boost Reach With Instagram Reels

Your brand must have an active presence on social media to grow a business, and Instagram reels are one of the best ways to do so. The best thing about Instagram reels is that, based on hashtag categories, Instagram suggests reels to those users who don’t follow you. 

Thus, a 30-sec long reel can reach a huge number of Instagram users. 

Since the video of your product has the potential to reach a large number of users, the probability of getting more sales also increases.

A reel is effective when it delivers great audio-visuals and is relatable and to the point. So, besides shooting a video for reels, make sure to work on the script and content. 

Remember, videos with unique visuals or content are more likely to influence the viewers.

Add Something So That Users May Recognize Your Brand

There would be so many famous and well-established textile businesses around you, so do you think people will like to buy from you without recognizing your brand? 

Obviously, no. It does not matter if you are providing the best quality textile or not. Business is all about marketing and promotion techniques.

For this, you can include something that shows how your product is the best in the market. Also, try to give them an idea about the benefit of your product. It will win the trust of customers. And trust is the basic building block of a business. 

In short, a small business video must convey the quality of your product and how it is going to help them.

Use Mini Vlogs, Reels, or Facebook Video Posts

Often you would have seen that short videos are initially informative with vlog-like visuals, and then it becomes a bit promotional at the end. If the vlog part succeeds in attracting the viewer, the chances are high that customers want to know about your product. 

In 2022, shorts and reels are must-haves for video marketing of any business. You should post videos on various social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. But, make sure they are of appropriate length and suitable aspect ratio as every social media platform has different aspect ratios for videos. 

Nowadays, business owners give discount offers on special occasions so that people find their products affordable. What can be better than a video that is informative, entertaining, and attracts viewers to have a look at your business website at least?

Post Some Behind The Scene Videos Of Your Product

Behind the scenes video covers the process of manufacturing from scratch within a short time. So, if you are offering a behind-the-scenes video of your products, it will be profitable for you in 2 ways: 

  • First, the customers will trust that you are the real manufacturer of that product, not a third-party firm selling textile products that some other company manufactured
  • Second, it will give them an idea of how things are done in a textile company; viewers will be intrigued and invested

Suppose you claim to use pure muslin cloth in a product in a behind-the-scene video; then show some clips of how it is made in your textile company. This will increase the brand’s trust and loyalty. 

Provide The Audience With A Broad Range Of Choices And Combinations

If you can solve customers’ problems, you are a step ahead of your competitors in the market. 

The same thing happens in the textile business. 

Customers are often confused about the best suitable fabric or dress for their body shape or skin in the textile and garments domain. You can give them a solution by offering different videos related to the best outfit and color combinations. 

You can also create a video like “The Best Products Within Price Range x-y.” Such videos will help customers in filtering their choice more precisely according to their budget, making their buying decisions easy.

Moreover, you can post some videos related to your product on the Facebook marketplace. From here, they can directly check your website and product. Although they may not purchase from you for the very first time when they know about your brand, the chances are high that they may consider your brand as an option to their regular favorite brand in the future.


Visuals are more effective than written content. People may ignore written content about your textile business, but if it is a short and interesting video, they will watch it for entertainment at least.

Ultimately, videos will grow your reach among users. 

We suggest you try these tips for your business. Surely, you will notice a jump in the viewers, customer interactions, and sales as well!