A real new-technology changing room, Wacoal’s 3D scanner helps us to find the perfect underwear without anyone having to take our measurements, boosting a retail experience lacking in innovation.

There’s nothing more difficult than finding a bra that suits us. The main reason: size, which can vary from one brand to the next and also depending on our age and our body, which continues to change as the years go by. The result? Most French women don’t know their precise measurements and generally have to turn to the advice of an expert, but one has to be available. Unless it takes the form of a 3D scanner able to assess our size without even having to touch us.


At least, this is what the firm Wacoal Holdings Corps is offering with “3D smart and try”, a technology inaugurated in May 2019 in a lingerie shop in Shibuya, Tokyo. The principle is simple: a relatively conventional-looking changing room in which visitors must simply stand in their underwear.

Their entire body will then be scanned and reproduced in 3D in the form of around 1.5 million dots. Finally, by calculating the distance between these dots, the measurements of the person in the changing room will be determined in just 5 seconds.














In parallel, the store is equipped with a special tablet designed to subsequently suggest a series of underwear items tailored to their body shape. A promise made possible by “Watson”, artificial intelligence developed by IBM. Customers will be able to incorporate their preferences, concerns and, above all, choose the underwear most likely to suit them. What more could you ask for?