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Published: August 29, 2020
Author: Manali bhanushali

A 360 degree view for the virtual trade show of Loloi

Holding virtual trunk shows have become the new demand as well as trend due to covid- 19 pandemic. Loloi which is a premium textile producer also launched a Virtual Trunk Show to showcase its latest offerings in an interactive, online format. You can check the website for the virtual trunk show, which offers you the 3D view of the show. It gives you the actual feel of the show where just a click and zoom in can show you everything present there.

Accessible on Loloi’s website the event will run Aug. 24-Sept. 6 and will include an immersive 3D showroom experience from the Loloi Found & Made showroom in the Dallas Design District.

The event will spotlight Loloi’s latest one-of-a-kind rugs, pillows and wall art, and includes a 15-minute video tour with Cyrus Loloi, principal, and Steve McKee, vice president and general manager.

Through the 360-view virtual tour, guests can click on products to reveal product information, images and pricing. It also features the ability to request personal Zoom tours with a sales rep.
“Our Virtual Trunk Show is a new, exciting way for us to stay engaged with our customers and show them our very finest one-of-a-kind textiles,” said Loloi. “While it is almost impossible to replace the in-person showroom experience, we believe customers will enjoy the convenience and most importantly, inspiring products, within our Virtual Trunk Show.”

Loloi serves a community of designers, decorators, and homebodies; people who care deeply about objects acquired for their home—from the materials to the developedtextures.

Do visit and have the experience once: https://www.loloirugs.com/  . One can actually get the feeling of being physically present there.



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