Volvo is taking a first step toward veganizing its automobile interiors by eliminating the use of animal leather.
By offering these new leather-free interiors in all of its next electric models, beginning with the C40 Recharge, the manufacturer is making a statement for animal welfare.
The trend is likely to spread, with other manufacturers likely to follow suit.
Volvo is developing new high-quality, sustainable materials in order to eliminate any traces of leather from its vehicles.
The company’s goal is to use 25% recycled and bio-based materials in the production of new Volvo automobiles by 2025.
Volvo’s Nordico is a new interior made from textiles made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles and wine corks. The brand will also continue to offer wool-blend upholstery options from suppliers certified to source responsibly. BMW has just unveiled a concept car built entirely around notions of sustainability and the circular economy.
The aim is to reduce the use of animal products in the production of plastics and lubricants. Other manufacturers including Jaguar Land Rover are also working towards using recycled materials in their future interiors.