Efficient energy management is of the most important sector in textile dyeing and finishing and innovative machine. This is design for minimal water and energy consumption and the recovery of the heat energy produced in the processes. So that it represents valuable potential savings for any modern business.
The presenters
  • Ludger Sommer, Thies – will show how to manage heat energy in wet processing
  • Benjamin Schnabel, Brückner Textilmaschinen – will demonstrate how to make one of the most energy-consuming processes in textile manufacturing more sustainable, eco-friendly and cost-effective
  • Fabian Buckenmayer, Pleva Sensors, and Controls – will present on the specific opportunities for an energy-efficient textile production via measuring and controlling process parameters
The experts will be available after the presentations to answer questions from the participants. The VDMA reports obtained the web talk series very well from the textile industry. The Organization received approximately 900 registered participants from over 50 countries during the first three web talks.
Registration is still possible via this link (no participation fee): https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/8777035596205356300