UvWise, a Canadian brand, is helping people who are worried about their health outdoors because of ultraviolet light find sun-protective clothing and accessories easier. The fast-growing, user-friendly online store specialises in supplying men , women and children with a wide variety of UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) clothing for all outdoor needs.

In North America one person per hour dies of melanoma. UV rays from the sun can infiltrate clouds, rain, and water, leading to the most prevalent types of cancers for individuals 15-29. The web pharmacy UVWise seeks to help users find the best security to help combat melanoma and other skin-related illnesses.

UVWise wardrobe selection involves clothes, for all recreational uses, from the mountains to the beach, and even from the pool to the golf course. The online shop sells men and women t-shirts and jeans, plus chic hoodies, wraps, and coats. Stylish accessories such as hats, shades and a number of other items are available. UVWise also contains children’s UPF garments and accessories.

SOURCE: Fibre2Fashion