Uster, Switzerland, 8th October 2019: Trusted information is crucial when decisions have to be made and solutions found. In the spinning mill, production efficiency and business profitability depend on reliable data measurement and sophisticated analysis. Translating that into practical advice makes life easier for every level of management. That’s why USTER®QUALITY EXPERT has become indispensable at Matesa Textiles in Turkey.

 With eight yarn factories comprising 120,000 spindles and 10,000 rotors, it’s clear that a spinning company on this scale needs quality data to be handled automatically. Laboratory results and in-line data from winding must be centralized and then analyzed. “USTER®QUALITY EXPERThas become an essential helper to us,” says BuketÇelebi, Head of YarnFacilities at Matesa.

Transparency and trends

It’s a high-pressure job, working for one of the biggest textile brands in Turkey. Achieving an output of 140 tons of yarn per day, performance optimization and cost reduction are permanent challenges to manage. “I trust practical analysis and interpretation of combined data as offered by USTER®QUALITY EXPERT. It goes beyond mere data collection and supports me towards targeted improvements in each aspect of yarn production, throughout the mill,” saysÇelebi.

“I’m convinced connecting to USTER®QUALITY EXPERT is the route to effective decision-making and preventive process optimization in textile mills.”Her opinion is supported by the list of USTER® laboratory and in-line systems linked to the USTER®QUALITY EXPERT. Connecting all spinning processes makes everything transparent and comparable. “We take advantage of the full-scale mill analysis, which can identify quality and productivity trends, working proactively to prevent faults and foster improvements,” says Çelebi.

Alerts and advice

USTER®QUALITY EXPERT provides process security by empowering quality managers to intervene quickly to remedy any starting issue at source. Quality issues can arise at any – or many – of the process steps in yarn manufacturing. Tracing their origins calls for plenty of experience, combined with reliable data. Assistant Q, comparable with new staff coming with USTER®QUALITY EXPERT, has both: built-in application know-how and accurate data analytics. He is like an expert employee with 70 years’ experience, embodying USTER’s application intelligence and integrating textile knowledge with detailed analysis and insights.

The system delivers real-time notifications to smartphones and tablets. “USTER®MOBILE ALERTS app connects us 24/7 to quality and allows a fast information flow. Issues can be solved in significantly less time,” says Çelebi. From one single application, mobile devices receive early warnings about potential quality problems – as well as indications of the source of the issue and advice on saving raw material. Combined data from in-line and laboratory instruments, continuously analyzed by Assistant Q, keeps managers informed about quality issues in production and helps initiate immediate counter-measures. And it’s important to remember that the Alarm Center highlights all these issues automatically and instantly, with no need for configuration by the spinner.