Blue denim apparel imports, the great majority of which are jeans, made a significant comeback in the first half of the year as retailers and brands replenished shelves and rushed to meet online orders.
According to the Commerce Department’s Office of Textiles and Apparel, imports of jeans into the United States climbed 32.87 percent from January to June, totaling $1.44 billion (OTEXA). A mix of Asian manufacturing powerhouses and rising competitors, as well as major contributions from key Western Hemisphere suppliers, drove the growth.
Jeans imports from Mexico jumped 54.8 percent in the first half of 2021 to a value of $286.28 million. Imports from Nicaragua increased 48.59 percent to $53.97 million, and shipments from Sri Lanka jumped 46.89 percent. China’s imports to the U.S. were up 23.14 percent in six months through June, but down 19.38 percent for year ending June 30. Europe’s denim production rose by 86.34 percent in the first half of to $28.62 million, according to a report by the International Garment Manufacturers and Traders Association. The denim industry saw a rise of percent in same period, compared with a percent increase in.