Indo American Chamber of Commerce, is working closely & in a collaborative manner  with U.S. Embassy, New Delhi and U.S. Consulate, Mumbai with a mandate to work  towards achieving USD 100 Billion Bilateral Trade in Textiles.  

IACC has resolved to focus on Textiles as one of the major items and has decided to  work resolutely to achieve the target of USD 100 bn collaborative business in textiles.  The business intended also takes into account Investments, Collaborative Research  and adding dimensions by operationalizing a wide spectrum of textile, which has  recently many new innovative textile areas opened. 

The IACC Textile forum works to create a favourable trade equation for both India &  the USA textile supply chains. Many Indian companies have seen successful business  relations with the US for selling to US Buyers and buying from US sellers.  

With renewed interest as US diversifies its sourcing, this is opportune time for both  countries to strengthen their engagement easily and directly. The common language,  respect of law and ease of business is highlighted. 

The forum aims at identifying opportunities in the many unexplored segments of  textiles and promote joint investments, to create a bilateral trade environment on  both sides and gather stakeholder’s response in exploring various untapped areas of  textiles. 

IACC Textile Forum holds an exploratory Webinar on Textiles: “Indo – US Bilateral  Partnership: Focused Sector: Textiles: New Opportunities: Innovative Products: B2B”  scheduled 2nd, 3rd, 4th September 2021, 06.30 p.m. – 9pm. This free zoom webinar  will be recorded, it will be Live on YouTube and the recorded version to be shared in  US Textile Associations and in Washington DC.  

Industry leaders from large business such as Reliance Industries, Sutlej Textiles &  Industries, Welspun Group, Indocount, who have maximum presence at USA market  will be actively sharing their perspective about their actual industry experience and  advise on how to do business through the entire textile supply chain—yarns fibres,  weaving, knitting, finishing, garmenting, consulting and machinery amongst US &  India.  

The three day event will have specific segment on each day. The experience sharing  promises two way trade and their learning will be helpful for both nations. 

Topics for Day 1: include USA Fabric Needs and How India can meet it? Garment  Suppliers perspectives from India to USA, Specialty Yarns & Recycled Yarns that can be  sold to US and imported from US and the Types of Special Textiles for Bilateral Trade.  

Topics for Day 2: include: Sports Textiles for Bilateral Trade, Organic Textiles &  Recycled Yarns, Technical Textiles & India’s ability for Bilateral Trade & Home Textiles  and India’s ability for Bilateral Trade 

Topics for Day 3: include: Technical Machinery & Equipment Opportunities, Dyes and  Chemicals for Bilateral Trade, USA State Representation 

On Day 3 will be representatives from USA State Representation and Contract  Manufacturing who will encourage investment to the US and how Indian  entrepreneurs can set up operations in the US. And HOW best Indian entrepreneur  can set up operations in the US collaboratively. 

The viewers are going to be India’s Textile supply chain, Yarns, Fabrics, Colours &  Chemicals, Machinery and Sustainable Manufacturing, Garmenting, Consulting. Both  large ad small across the country and US. 

Also viewers will be those from the US Textile supply chain, looking to buy from or sell  to India. This Zoom Meet will be recorded, it will be Live on YouTube and the recorded  version will be shared in Washington DC too.  

There will specifics on how both countries can benefit from each other. And specific  advice on what each small and large company in the Indian Textile supply chain can do  to become an important partner to the US Textile supply chain, its brands and how US  can sell more to the Indian textile Industry. 

We are thankful to our Sponsor partners Sutlej Textiles & Industries Limited, Welspun  India Limited, Colorant India Pvt. Limited and Indo Count Industries Limited who have  been extremely generous in supporting our initiatives to draw attention of textile  fraternity towards Indo – US bilateral trade opportunities in Textiles.  

We are also thankful to our media partners The Yarn Bazaar, Textile Excellence, Textile  Value Chain and Textile Mirror.  

Registration is Free. And IACC provides free textile database service to match Indian  and US textile companies through search and connections.