The US Commerce Department said it imposed duties on Chinese and Mexican structural steel after making a preliminary determination that producers in both countries had dumped fabricated structural steel on the US market at prices below fair market value, reported Reuters. The department said it imposed duties of up to 141% on Chinese structural steel and up to 31% on Mexican structural steel and will begin collecting cash deposits for imports based on those rates.
Most Chinese steel products have largely been excluded from the US market by prior Commerce Department anti-dumping duties and President Donald Trump’s 25% punitive tariffs.

The latest order seeks to prevent Chinese downstream structural steel assemblies from skirting those duties and entering the United States. Commerce found that one Chinese producer, Modern Heavy Industries (Taicang) Co Ltd, did not dump product into the United States, but it imposed dumping rates of 52% on Wison (Nanton) Heavy Industry Co Ltd and 57.86% on Jinhuan Construction Group Co Ltd. It also assigned a preliminary dumping rate of 141% for all other Chinese fabricators.