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Unravel Data to Host India’s First DataOps Observability Conference in Bangalore

Published: October 13, 2022

The day-long conference on Friday, October 14, will decode DataOps observability and showcase the latest trends and developments in observability

October 12, 2022, Bangalore: Unravel Data, the first DataOps observability platform built to meet the needs of modern data teams, today announced that it is hosting India’s first DataOps Observability Conference on Friday, October 14, 2022 in Bangalore. The day-long conference is hosted in partnership with JetBrains and The Fifth Elephant. Hundreds of data engineers, data leaders, architects, and operations engineers from leading technology companies will be attending the conference.

DataOps and observability are two of the biggest trends in modern data management. This first-of-its-kind conference dedicated to these trends will explain why DataOps observability has become a mission-critical requirement for managing modern data stacks.

The conference will feature leading data professionals from companies like Uber, Dell Technologies, Infosys and Intuit as speakers. The agenda for the event includes panel discussions and talks on managing the modern data stack and applying DataOps observability to all data and analytics use cases.

Dr. Shivnath Babu – co-founder and CTO of Unravel Data will deliver the keynote address at the event. Industry experts who will be speaking on DataOps are Anuj Gupta – chief AI officer at Vahan Inc, Atri Sharma – Senior Staff Engineer at Uber, Sona Samad, Staff Engineer at Intuit and Pallavi Angraje – Software Engineer at Intuit. A Panel discussion on “DataOps Observability: Old Wine in a New Bottle or the Next Big Thing?” will be hosted by Dr. Shivnath Babu. The panelists include Govinda Sambamurthy – Head Of Engineering, Enterprise Data Portability at Atlassian, Akhila Prabhakaran – Consultant Data Scientist at Dell and Giriraj Bagdi – VP Engineering Operations, Data/AI Platform at Unravel.

“We are excited to host the first ever DataOps Observability Conference for data leaders and professionals in India and demonstrate the different aspects of DataOps observability, including application and pipeline performance, operational observability into how the entire platform or system is running end-to-end, and business observability aspects such as ROI and—most significantly—FinOps insights to govern and control escalating cloud costs,” said Shivnath.

Unravel Data estimates that data engineers and operations teams spend around 70-75% of their time tracking down and resolving problems through manual detective work and time-consuming trial and error. Further, as more workloads migrate to the cloud, team leaders are finding that costs are getting out of control—often leading to migration initiatives stalling out completely because of budget overruns.

“Data is eating the world, but complexity is eating data teams who are struggling with cloud costs, pipeline performance, and data quality issues. True DataOps observability can empower these teams to easily tackle even the most complex modern data stack challenges, so they can spend more time on innovation and less time troubleshooting issues,” Shivnath added.

Unravel’s DataOps Observability Platform extracts, correlates, and analyzes information from every system in the modern data stack, within and across some of the most popular data ecosystems. The platform is designed to show data application and pipeline performance, cloud costs, and quality; and proactively suggests precise, prescriptive fixes to quickly and efficiently solve problems. The AI-powered solution helps enterprises realize greater return on their investment in the modern data stack by delivering faster troubleshooting, better performance to meet service level agreements, self-service features that allow applications to get out of development and into production faster and more reliably, and reduced cloud costs.

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