A large market in India has been working with grey fabric, a lot of starch, oil, wax, PVA and such other weight addition elements are added to the fabric to give it the strength  sustain the stretching at the mercerizing. During the process of mercerizing and washing, the sizing components get mixed along with the weak caustic lye making it viscous and colored.

Over repeated recycling the percentage of impurities gets so high that sometimes the caustic becomes completely unusable. In order to get the mercerizing effect the client has to keep adding fresh caustic or sometimes even needs to completely replace all the caustic.

Unitop has developed a Lye Cleaning system with hydrogen peroxide doing. Weak lye and Peroxide are thoroughly mixed with help of an ejector and pumped into the purification tank. In contact with caustic soda, the peroxide disintegrates to form Water and fine bubbles of Oxygen.

Oxygen oxidises soluble cellulosic impurities to for oxy-cellulose which is insoluble in nature.

On chemical reaction, it forms a 3 layered solution, heavy insoluble particles settle down which can be removed by periodic checking at sight glass and regularly disposing off the impurities

Some of the impurities which float eventually come out through the funnel into the waste

The clearer caustic is then collected into a holding tank which operates based on a level sensor and caustic is transferred through a transfer pump.