Unifi Inc, one of the world’s leading innovators in recycled and synthetic yarns, Unifi Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Unifi, and HSCC, a subsidiary of Highsun Holding Group, based in Fujian, China, have announced their collaboration to provide high-quality Repreve branded recycled nylon to textile industry customers throughout Asia.

Repreve nylon products available through HSCC are Repreve nylon filament and Repreve nylon staple fibre. Unifi and HSCC share a commitment to quality, excellence and sustainability. The strength of Unifi’s Repreve brand combines with HSCC’s in-region manufacturing and research and development capabilities to create a formidable alliance able to improve service and product diversity in significant textile markets.

This collaboration is based on a shared sense of purpose and is the natural result of years of joint commitment to environmental conservation. Recycled fibres can reduce consumption of petrochemicals, conserve water resources and reduce carbon emissions compared to their virgin fibre counterparts. When HSCC entered the recycled nylon market five years ago, the company leveraged Unifi’s innovation and expertise to provide eco-friendly, affordable and fashionable nylon products to various end-use markets, enabling cost effective and sustainable products for consumers.

“We are proud to announce this collaboration that allows Unifi to expand its Repreve nylon offerings,” Hongjun Ning, executive vice president of Unifi, and president of Unifi Asia Pacific, said in a press release. “We believe our combined efforts will advance future development of sustainability-focused nylon products around the world.”

The synergy between Unifi and HSCC provides a strategic advantage for future potential to broaden sustainable development in the synthetic fibre industry among mills, brands and retailers. “Consumer demand for recycled products is increasing around the globe, and opportunities for continued development and innovation for recycled fibres are unlimited,” Zhen Mei, general manager of HSCC chemical fibre, one of HSCC’s operating subsidiaries, said. “We plan to apply our shared approach to sustainability to the entire process of product design, production, packaging, sales and after-sales service, so our product offerings are sustainable throughout the value chain.”

Rajni Yadav
Author: Rajni Yadav