Withtag line- Touch the future, Ultrafabrics is completely into redefining the whole world of home textile with leather free performance fabrics which are also premium, sustainable and intelligent fabrics.

Ultrafabrics has added fresh new colors to its popular antimicrobial range Ultraleather Pro and its hi-tech Fusion & Fusion Shimmer collections.

The 25 new shades provide more options when addressing the increasing demands of settings including high-traffic spaces.

“The demand for high quality, animal-free, hygienic surfaces will only increase over the coming months and years,” said Kelly Benke, director of product merchandising. “Sterile surfaces, whether on a door handle, partition screen or chair don’t have to be hard and institutional. At Ultrafabrics, we want to deconstruct the myth that the ‘new normal’ of interiors is cold, dull and unwelcoming. With Ultrafabrics a sterile and safe surface is soft, colorful and beautiful.”

Ultraleather Pro, which now has 14 new colors, resists tough stains like ink, denim, ballpoint pen, blood, mustard, ketchup and coffee. The resistance is inherent to the product and can’t be cleaned away over time, so it’s ideal for use on upholstery and vertical surfaces that require frequent cleaning.

“We have been infusing EPA-registered antimicrobial protection within Ultraleather Pro since its inception in 2013,” Benke said. “Consumers, designers, architects and manufacturers are looking for surfaces that not only inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microbes and are bleach-cleanable, but are beautiful and PVC-free as well.”

New colors also are launching with Ultrafabrics’ Fusion and Fusion Shimmer collections which have a matte finish, a modern texture and soft touch. The six new luxurious Fusion Shimmer colors combine rich saturated hues with reflective neutrals and bring the collection up to date. Fusion, which adds five new colors, is made for designs that rely on modern styling, and this revitalized new palette offers a more understated, elegant surface.

Ultraleather Pro, Fusion and Fusion Shimmer all have exceptional hydrolysis resistance and are Advantage Gold Certified, meaning they meet strict chemical emission limits for volatile organic compounds.

Animal free fabrics that will surely provide a better substitute for leather will be flood the market in near future, as many pioneer companies are working towards sustainability.