During the pandemic, Turkish textile industry, which increased its textile exports unlike many countries, will crown its success with the ITM 2021 Exhibition to be held between June 22-26 June, 2021. Turkey came to the fore especially in the production of masks and protective textiles, satisfying manufacturers with stability in textile machinery commerce.

Turkish textile companies revitalised Turkey’s economy through providing confidence in the supply chain, taking rapid actions in changing conditions, their strong infrastructure, and dynamic and skilled labor force. Many of the European textile machinery manufacturers, which had to take a break in their production processes, encountered a decrease in their number of orders and sales, while Turkey continued to both purchases and sales of the textile machinery. While the machinery manufacturers exported more than 50 per cent of their products to countries all around the world, exports to Europe were 37 per cent with respect to the total exports volume.

The economic recession experienced in the Far East countries, let Turkey take one step further. Turkey demonstrated its potential to be the centre of the world especially in the production of protective textiles. The Turkish companies, which engaged in the production of high-quality masks and protective textiles in hygienic conditions, by using the advantages of early delivery due to Turkey’s geographical position have become a better alternative compared to the companies in China. They have also become the first choice of the European countries, which have turned their route to nearby producers for supply.

Experiencing no difficulties in the supply of nonwovens, Turkey’s most important export product in the January-June 2020 period was technical textiles. This product group, which constitutes 27.2 per cent of total textile exports, grew 43.9 per cent compared to the same period of last year and reached the level of $1.1 billion. The export of technical textile products in June was calculated as $318 million with 202 per cent growth.

ITM 2021, which will be one of the first and biggest gatherings of the textile machinery industry after the troublesome global pandemic, will direct the textile machinery sector with the latest technologies to be exhibited, new investment decisions, and strong collaborations to be signed.

Domestic and international companies that want to make new investments in the textile sector will participate in ITM 2021 to be informed about the latest trends in textile machinery. ITM 2021, where thousands of exhibitors will exhibit their latest technological innovations, will broaden new horizons in the minds of both participants and visitors.

ITM 2021, which will enable textile machinery manufacturers to be known internationally by proving themselves in the domestic market, will create an important opportunity for domestic companies to focus on exports. ITM 2021, where not only Turkish companies but also manufacturers from all over the world will sell textile machinery, will make a great contribution to the global economy.
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