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Published: August 14, 2020
Author: Rajni Yadav

Steril Saglik Urunleri, a Turkey-based personal protection equipment manufacturer, has developed a lightweight protective suit, made up of breathable material that guarantees comfort and safety. The new suit is now available to be delivered to any part of the world. In the tests, the COV-SARS 2 virus on the laminated fabric surface was killed in 10 seconds.

To protect healthcare workers from the COVID-19 virus, the disposable coverall full-body protection has been covered with natural antiviral ingredients. In the tests, the COV-SARS 2 virus on the laminated fabric surface was killed in 10 seconds.

There is no use of harmful chemicals. The suit is wholly made of environmentally friendly materials. A patent application has been filed. The materials used on the surface are produced in ppm ranges determined by FDA in nanoscale.

Healthcare workers depend on personal protective equipment to protect themselves and their patients from the spread of microorganisms and infectious diseases. With the COVID-19 pandemic, PPE has become more crucial than ever.

“There’s a critical need for protective apparel, and we believe that intensifying our effort to produce more of our new patent is the fastest way to protect more people,” said Zeynel Savrun, the CEO of Steril Saglik Urunleri. “In these most unusual circumstances, it’s fulfilling for the Steril Saglik Urunleri team to carry out our mission to organise all of our talents and resources to benefit the wellbeing and health of people everywhere. We will continue to help achieve this objective during and after this crisis is over,” he added.

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