Turkey is the world’s fourth-largest denim exporter with a 2 per cent share in the denim fabric exports, worth $338 million, and a 7 per cent share in denim clothing exports worth $2.1 billion, according to the Uludag Textile Exporters’ Association (UTIB), which recently participated in the Denim Premiere Vision Milan, a two-day fashion and cultural denim event. UTIB chairperson Pinar Tasdelen Engin said Turkey, which once produced designs of foreign brands, now creates its own brands and directs the world denim fashion with its designs and technological products. In 2018, the country was among the most successful countries in both denim fabric and denim garment exports, she said.

Tunisia, Egypt, Italy, Morocco, and Bangladesh took the lead in Turkey’s denim fabric exports, she said. Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Denmark were among the top players in the country’s denim apparel exports, according to a leading Turkish daily. The United States, European Union countries, Japan and Hong Kong are the priority target markets in denim clothing for Turkey, she added.